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Diving News! Cat News! Future News! Just…News!

Yes, as you can tell from the title of this, I’m stressed, busy, and a bit punch-drunk, without having any punch or alcohol. I’m running around like a chicken, trying to finish things before the Anthology Workshop starts on Friday. And then, I woke up this morning and realized (thanks to a kind DJ on the radio) that today is February 18. Which is… Release […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Scrawny Pete

Crime reporter Atkins discovered Scrawny Pete at the scene of a murder-suicide. The hard-bitten reporter took to the cat, and the cat took to him. Together they travel through the city on the police beat—until the day they come across another crime, one that Scrawny Pete understands. “Scrawny Pete,” by New York Times bestselling author Kristine Kathryn Rusch, is free on this website for one week only. The […]

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Business Musings: Then And Now

Recently, Dean told me about a conversation he was having on Facebook with a group of writers who, in the 1990s, shared the table of contents in an anthology featuring stories about the X-Men. Apparently, that anthology has just gotten an audio edition, and one of the authors in the anthology was thrilled about that. Then Dean threw some cold water on the excitement. Who’s […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Scheduling Conflict

The woman who calls Police Detective Riley Scott possesses a voice he finds incredibly sexy. He wants to keep her talking. She wants to set up an appointment so that he can arrest her for robbing the National Bank and Trust. Just one problem: No one has robbed that bank in more than a decade. Detective Scott writes it off as a crank call until […]

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Visions of the Future

About a week ago, I got cheeky on Facebook, and said that figured the slogan for 2020 was What Fresh Hell Is This? (Hat-tip to Dorothy Parker, for memorializing a phrase that came into vogue…in the 1920s.) Every day of 2020 has brought something new and world-altering, from the coronavirus to Brexit to all the stuff happening in the U.S. to…well, I’m sure there’s something […]

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Recommended Reading List: January 2020

Well, my evil plan against myself worked. I’ve been behind putting my Recommended Reading List together for January (and February). Many of you have asked for it anyway. So I schedule it ahead of time, and usually keep track of that. This month, it went live with what I had, not with what I’ve read. What’s missing from the list…and there’s a lot, as you […]

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Business Musings: Optimism And The Writer

Recently, a writer friend of mine died—and I was struck by something his family said about his final months. He expected to beat the disease that he was fighting. All of his actions in those last few months were predicated—at least in public—on his recovery from a disease that ultimately no one recovers from. I’m not entirely surprised. He was one of the biggest optimists […]

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The Year of The Cat

Okay, okay, I know. It’s the Year of the Rat. But for me and Dean (and Gavin and Cheeps), it is the Year of the Cat. Dean and I are running a Kickstarter right now, because of an idea I had. Yes, another crazy Rusch idea. I’ve been wanting to edit 100 cat stories. I wanted to do it in one volume, but Allyson Longueira […]

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Free Fiction Monday: Rehab

Caitlin Carter seeks purpose. She needs to, or so her counselors at the VA keep telling her. Find a reason to live. Forget the past. The past haunts her, especially because she lives in her old hometown. The place where the trouble started. Until she finds exploring her past might help her find a future…just not the way she expects. A powerful story about veterans […]

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Business Musings: Nobody Cares

Nobody cares. Such a sad phrase, particularly when uttered by someone without friends or family. I recently read a marvelous short story that ended with that very concept, although not the phrase itself. I’m not going to talk about that use of the phrase. Anything I say would be facile, because I don’t know your situation. And the phrase can mean that no one is […]

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